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Drogger To Edit Circuit information

We are planning to sell high precision GPS in December 2018. We can now display the sector time in Drogger. You will be able to edit information of circuit. In addition, circuit information to respond to globalization has been separated into a country-by-country basis.

To Select a country

A circuit will be automatically detected if it is registered, Detection source is circuit information for each country. First , a country has been selected correctly.

  1. Start Drogger.
  2. Tap the meter screen and swipe down.
  3. Tap the setting icon in action bar. Select the [Circuit].
  4. Tap the [Select country], and select the country where you want to use. f:id:bizstation:20181107112518p:plain

My Circuit

My Circuit is used when there is no target circuit in the circuit information of the App, or when you want to change the contents. My Circuit will be used in preference to the circuit of the application provides. It will also be used to automatic recognition.

Editing of circuit is Google Maps using. Therefore, please be sure to be able to connect to the Internet.

To display My circuit

  1. Select the [Circuit] from the setting.
  2. Tap the [My circuit]. f:id:bizstation:20181107180114p:plain

When you open My Circuit, circuits that you've ran in the past will be automatically added to the list. Tap a circuit name in the list to display the Google map of the course location.

To add a new circuit

  1. Tap the +(Plus) mark in the action bar.
  2. Circuit list of App will be displayed. (Depending on the selected country may not have circuit of App)
  3. If there is the circuit of purpose in the list, select it.
  4. If it is not, Enter the circuit name or circuit address to [New circuit name or address] of the bottom of the screen,.
  5. Tap the search button. Once the circuit is found on Google Map, longitude and latitude are automatically entered.You can also check longitude and latitude by yourself and enter.
  6. When you can entered three values, Tap the [OK].


Circuit name that you enter Google Maps must be a facility name that can be searched. If not find, Message of "Could not found xxx on Google map" will display. You can search by entering an address and change the name later.

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Description of circuit information

Circuit information has the following items.

Name Type Description
Finish line Required Goal line
GPS line Optional Line for detects lap with low precision GPS, such as Android built-in GPS. If there is no GPS line, Or a high accuracy GPS is used, Finish Line will be used.
Magnet line Optional The line where the magnet is buried.This prevents false detection of the magnetic wrap sensor.

When detecting lap with low precision GPS, accuracy will be better if the straight distance is taken longer.

To edit detect line of the circuit

Add or change line

  1. Tap a circuit you want to edit from the list.
  2. Once the map is displayed, Long press(Long tap) anywhere on the map.
  3. Tap [EDIT LINES ..] in the action bar , and select a line type of you want to add. f:id:bizstation:20181107180005p:plain
  4. Tap a middle point of the edit line. The red mark indicating the position is displayed.
  5. In the traveling direction, tap the point away a few meters. The recognized line is indicated by a white line. In the case was not you wanted, Tap the [Reset] and return to Step 4 and try again. If there is no problem tap the [OK]. f:id:bizstation:20181107175947p:plain

In this step, it will be added or updated in the selected line.

it is also possible to specify the position from the actual driving data. For adding sector, It is more convenient than this way .

Delete line

  1. Tap the circuit you want to edit from the list.
  2. Once the map is displayed, Long press(Long tap) anywhere on the map.
  3. Tap [REMOVELINES ..] in the action bar , and select a line type of you will be delete.

Specify line information by value

If you want to sector lines to same values in Drogger users, You can make it exactly the same value.. Also, it is possible to change the circuit name.

  1. Long press the circuit you want to edit from the list.
  2. Tap "..." on the action bar and tap [Edit values].
  3. Longitude, latitude and direction of each line is displayed.
  4. Enter each value and tap save icon f:id:bizstation:20181107130954p:plain on the action bar.

To delete a circuit

  1. Long press the circuit you want to edit from the list.
  2. Tap the trash icon in the action bar.

This deletion only be from My circuit, never App's circuit is deleted.

Enjoy with Drogger!